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Feels Good Dry Shampoo For Dogs

All Natural. Gentle on Dogs. Tough on Stink 

Dry Shampoo for dogs is so simple to use. Your dog will feel like they have had a bath in seconds....

No one likes a stinky dog. Help them out with our special formulation of natural, botanical ingredients - it’s gentle on skin and tough on odours. It contains powerful antioxidants to nourish sensitive skin and includes pure lavender; known for its natural calming and insect repelling properties. Our lazy shampoo is hand-blended with real flowers and essential oils to keep your pooch smelling beautifully fresh and clean in-between wet washes. 

It gives you the feeling and beautiful smell of your dog having a bath, without the hassle.

Simply apply a bit of our Dry Shampoo on your dog and rub it into their coat.

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