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Dog Collar Types

Dog Collar Types

There are so many different types of collars to choose from

Made from all different types of materials from plastic to leather and even hard metals, there are so many dog collars in the market. The process of deciding will depend on what you are looking for in a collar.

The most common use is to direct and keep your dog attached to you, which adds peace of mind for you and your pup’s safety.

The second most common for training and discipline. Then thirdly comes fashion, the main reason why we started to develop our range of soft and comfortable collars.    

Standard or flat

The standard dog collar is usually in between two to five centimetres wide and has a fastener with a number of holes to adjust the size and length. This is the type we currently make and we only use the finest leather that ensures comfort and durability.

Martingale Collars

A martingale collar is seen to be a less harsh version of a choke chain. It consists of a material component that is then attached to a chain in the middle. This gives a similar effect of the tightening of a choke collar but can only be tightened by so much. The chain is set a length that prevents complete closure of the dog’s neck.

Head and mouth Collars

Also Known as Halters they look like muzzles and can be attached to one. Instead of just being around the neck of a dog these wrap around the mouth.

The idea is when a dog tries to go the wrong way you can pull then in another direction, from their head and mouth. Also used to pull a dog’s attention they may be effective but again have been frowned upon by some.


Not technically a collar but falls into the dog collar category as they serve the same purpose, to maintain distance and direct.

The harness wraps around the two front legs and chest of your pup.

These are talked about a lot recently as they are meant to give more control and are said to have less possibility of injury to your dog. Some people argue that these give the dog more reason to pull with their whole body, resulting in less control for owners.

We currently make standard flat collars with a buckle. The good old way.

Use of dog collars for training and discipline

Before we get into the training types of dog collars we need to say that this is not a guide on which ones to use.

We are asked many times which collar is best for training dogs and we always give the same response… Seek professional advice from a dog trainer before implementing any discipline techniques.

Choke Chains

Popular with some and hated by others these are used widely for training and discipline. Typically made from metal the choke chain enables the person holding onto the other end to deliver a swift jerk around a dog’s neck. This is meant to be strong enough to stop the dog from doing what it’s doing and when used often may help stop bad habits.

The idea is to pull and correct the dog when they are doing something you don’t want them to. Even when walking some people state that this prevents a dog from pulling the person walking them.

In recent times the choke chains have been getting a bit of bad press because it’s seen as a cruel way to discipline. In fact with the popularity of pugs and french bulldogs we have noticed across our retailers that choke chains sales have been dwindling. You can hurt a frenchie and even pop their eyes out if used incorrectly! With all dog collars if they are placed in the wrong way anyone can actually cause damage to your dog.

Prong Collars

Similar to a choke chain but more aggressive, these collars look nasty and if you ask us they are.

Many trainers and owners find these effective for strong and large dog types. The prongs dig into the dog wearing one when pulled. These can be very dangerous if left on an unattended dog.

Shock Collars

We hate these but people still use them. A shock collar delivers an electrical pulse or shock to the dog wearing one. People can deliver the shock from the lead or even wirelessly. They are used by all types of people worldwide but are also banned in some countries.

We at Rufino do not recommend the use of any shock collar.

Try to see what works for you when choosing a collar and if you want to buy the world’s softest dog collar you can here :)