The world's softest leather dog collars - handmade - limited edition

Dog Collars

What is a dog collar?

A dog collar is made from any material that makes a loop and is usually fastened around a dog’s neck. The material used can be anything from soft cloths to leathers and even hard metals. A dog collar is often attached to a lead connecting a human to the dog.

Where did they come from?

Evidence of dog collar use has been dated back to our own ancient times. If you’d like to know more about the history of dog collars you can here. So in understanding that we have had dogs as useful pets for thousands of years then we see that there were many uses for a dog collar. From being a means to control to today where we use collars as an extension of our pup’s personality and identification.

There are so many different types to choose from

Made from all different types of materials the main types of dog collars are:

  • Standard or Flat
  • Martingale
  • Head or mouth
  • Harness
  • Various training and discipline

We obviously don’t recommend the use of most others due to the amount of injury that may be caused when used incorrectly. More more info you can read our page on Dog Collar Types

The standard flat collar is the main one made by us here at Rufino :) We believe that perfecting the most common type is our goal. There are so many out there and we wanted to deliver something unique, comfy and

The dog collar market

Dog collar offerings are increasing with dog ownership. It’s estimated that there are over 70 million pet dogs worldwide and over 4 million pet dogs in Australia. With all those dogs you can imagine that dog collar and accessory choice is getting larger and larger.

Whilst we know that there are so many offerings already in the market we decided to bring something uniquely Australian. Designed in Sydney by Monica Limanto we use the finest Australian and European leathers to ensure quality and durability. These are similar to the high-quality leathers found in luxury designer, women’s handbags. We tested the Australian leathers for years to make sure that they are durable for an active Australian dog and now they are available for dog worldwide.

We decided to stay away from the commonly seen, cutesy blues and pinks and create something truly unique. We hope you can find something you like for your best friend on our online store or in one of our retailers.