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Feels Good - Dry Shampoo For Dogs

Dry Shampoo for Dogs | Lazy Shampoo

Have you ever had

Friends or Family coming over

and you need to wash the dog 🐶


you are too lazy


simply do not have time?

Feels Good, Dry Shampoo for Dogs is the answer

Have your dog smelling fresh

and less oily in minutes!




About Feels Good

No one likes a stinky dog. Help them out with our special formulation of natural, botanical ingredients - it’s gentle on skin and tough on odours. It contains powerful antioxidants to nourish sensitive skin and includes pure lavender; known for its natural calming and insect repelling properties. Our lazy shampoo is hand-blended with real flowers and essential oils to keep your pooch smelling beautifully fresh and clean in-between wet washes. Our products are chemical-free and are made locally in Australia with organic ingredients. Available in a 30ml spray powder bottle for smaller pooches and a 200ml talcum bottle for larger pups.

How to use it

Apply a small amount to your dog’s coat and gently massage the product into the fur to absorb excess oil and grease. 

Our lazy shampoo will help to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean in between wet washes. 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For external use only.

What's in it?

Arrowroot starch, colloidal oatmeal, white kaolin clay, corn starch, lavender flowers, burdock root powder and essential oils. Suitable for sensitive skin.

    Our fragrances:

    White peach & ginger


    Blood orange

    Pink grapefruit and passionfruit

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