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Leather Dog Collar Care

At Rufino, we get dogs and we understand that the products we create need to withstand catching food, long walks in the park, jumping into puddles after a bath, frolicking in the grass, all whilst staying comfortable on your pet for those sneaky jump-into-the-bed while you’re at work sessions.

We’ve broken it down to 5 simple tips below to help you properly care for and extend the life of your Rufino dog collar.

Once it’s out of the box

We recommend using a waterproof spray to protect your leather collar.. This will help act as a protective barrier against water and dirt. Brands we’ve tried and tested are Crep protect and Collanil.

Dammit, my dog rolled around in the park

Use a soft damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Keep it simple and avoid using soaps, detergents and foreign substances.

Argh! My dog jumped into a puddle

As with all leather products, we recommend that you avoid submerging the collar in water. Salt water will have an effect on the hardware, making it susceptible to rust. If however, the collar has been wet, leave it to air dry slowly. Speed drying will change the chemical structure, making it stiff and crinkly so avoid the hairdryer. Gentle air drying will work best and keep it in the shape you want it to end up.

Yikes! My dog tried to catch the bacon and missed

If you spilt any oil on your leather dog collar, you will need talcum powder and a microfibre cloth to soak up excess grease. If you don’t have a cloth, rub talcum powder or cornstarch briskly into the stain until you generate some heat. This will help to loosen the oil. Allow the powder to absorb the oil and repeat until the stain is gone.